Six Gun Chili Mixins

In 1978 we began with a single product, Six Gun Chili Mixin’s and it was a good one! Six Gun Chili Mixin’s was based on a 1948 family recipe from San Angelo Texas…and folks in San Angelo know chili. The ‘Ol Hired Hand (our founder) was known in San Angelo for two things, making chili and an adult beverage he called “White Mule”. For obvious reasons we started with chili.

Six Gun Original Chili Mixin’s
Decades after our founding, Six Gun Chili Mixin’s was honored in the U.S. Senate as “An American Original”. One reason for Six Gun’s fame in the world of chili is that in just thirty minutes our mix allows you to make chili your way…make it hot, or mild, you can even add beans if you’re not from Texas. Six Gun ‘Your Way’ can be made with traditional beef, healthy ground turkey or even with beans or lentils for an amazing vegetarian dish. Whatever you choose to do, Six Gun Chili Mixin’s will make it “The Best Chili That Ever Met A Mouth”.

Six Gun Chipotle Chili
Six Gun Chipotle Chili Mixin’s ups the ante in a homemade bowl of red. Our smokey sweet peppers add the popular chipotle flavor profile to our famous Six Gun recipe. Add the ingredients you like and get ready to be famous!
Find Six Gun Chili Mixin’s in your local supermarket, or on-line. You will be happy you did.